Karen Anand: is something of a “food guru Karen Anand (1)for India’s middle classes”, influencing the way people eat and perceive good food. In addition to writing extensively on the subject of food and wine for 25 years, she has also set up a factory producing gourmet food products under her own brand, run a successful chain of food stores, had a niche catering business, anchored top rated TV shows, started a Gourmet Academy and now consults for multinationals and international hotelsand restaurant chains entering the Indian market. Today she writes several columns for International and Indian magazines, including the weekly restaurant reviews for Pune Times. Visit her blog at
Sasha Anand: heads the operations & the Sasha Pomelo Picmarketing division of our markets. He also curates the restaurant & winery segment of the markets. You will see him at all our markets running around wearing his backpack!
Afra Fonceca: ‘the handler’ is the coordinator of the team, she ensures everybody pulls their socks up and gets the work done. She is highly efficient and has great organisation skills. In addition to this Afra is also personal assistant to Karen Anand.
Amruta Parmar: is our head exhibitor coordinator67239_10154741367335503_4061693432182952286_n for our markets. She has great organisational skills and ensures our exhibitors are kept happy and keep coming back. Warning: Do not mess with her!
Khyati Sankla : is the newest addition to our team.11377311_10153152108994823_8751500173602311627_n She is enthusiastic and always has a smile on her face. 🙂 She and Amruta work together to ensure that we have a good spread of exhibitors at our markets. Khyati is also in charge of advertising both online and offline.!

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Prachi Ranavat: Chief designer and head researcher! She ensures that we always bring new exhibitors to the table as well as making sure our creative work is kept fresh.

Param Anand: “The big boss” Param handles Param Anand (1)the logistics and overall finances of the markets. Along with being a focused and stern finance guy he also has a fantastic sense of humour.

Eisha Jain: is our accounts coordiinator. Eisha has one of the eishatoughest jobs of all – Ensuring that we keep within our budgets and that we have enough money to run all our markets!

falguni-gokhaleFalguni Gokhale: heads the Creative team at the award winning design firm Design  Directions. She is a Visual Communications Designer and an artist and sculptor. She has won the CII NID Design Excellence Award 2012 for the Pune Farmers’ market logo. Visit her website –